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Legislative/Regulatory Matters

The AGC of Michigan is currently working on many projects relative to Legislative/Regulatory matters. For an update on specific governmental issues taking place in the City of Detroit, Lansing, or Washington D.C., please contact Damian Hill (517) 908-8051.

AGC PAC "148 Club" - Support Your AGC of Michigan Political Action Committee (PAC)

The AGC of Michigan has an active Political Action Committee (PAC). The PAC is used to support candidates that are pro-business and friends of the construction industry.

A solid PAC also demonstrates we have a strong grassroots network and a committed membership - AGC is an organization that can positively influence public policy.

AGC members who contribute $500 or more to the PAC become a member of the “148 Club” (the total number of representatives and senators in the Michigan Legislature). "148 Club" Mmembership shows that you are committed to a strong construction industry that fights unnecessary governmental regulations and laws that negatively impact your business.

If you would like to become a "148 Club" member, or contribute another amount, please complete the pledge form or contact Damian Hill  for further information. Your contribution can make a difference!  Only personal contributions can be accepted.  Corporate contributions are prohibited by law.

PowerPoint presentation:  An Overview & Importance of the Political Action Committee

AGC of America PAC

The Associated General Contractors of America Political Action Committee (AGC PAC) was established by AGC in 1977 as a separate, segregated fund to both receive and distribute contributions to support candidates for federal office. AGC PAC is an essential part of its legislative influence on Capitol Hill. The goal of AGC PAC has always been to give contractor members a collective voice in the election of candidates for federal office. Through this effort, AGC PAC advances the legislative priorities of the construction industry by helping to elect the political candidates most likely to support those priorities.

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