The AGC Board of Directors met in October 2014 to develop a three year strategic plan. Below are the five priorities as set in that work session. The items listed below each represent steps taken to advance the strategic direction of the association. Updates to this document will be posted as we progress in enhancing your association – please check back to view our progress.

Assist members with the Workforce Challenge (attract/retain/develop talent at all levels), Training and Education

  • Continue and increase the Career Days and Career Fair programs
  • Help members establish internships & summer jobs programs

  • Increase support of Student Chapters and re-instate the Graduate Membership category

  • Get the Millennial generation heavily engaged in the chapter through CLC, committees and/or taskforces

  •  Continue the diligence and support of all the registered apprenticeship programs

  • Continue all other parts of AGC MI's highly-valued continuing education program

Increase Efforts to Build the Recognition, Trust and Value in the AGC Brand

  • Leverage off the words developed in the Mission, Vision and, particularly, the Values Statements as a platform
  • Use them to increase the power of the AGC Brand with all critical constituencies

  • Continue the excellent quarterly magazine, Midweek Briefing and use of social media

  • Understand that members’ leadership and continued high-performance on their projects is the single most powerful element in branding

 Membership Development and Engagement

  • Continue targeted pursuit of General and Specialty Contractor Members
  • Consider structured outreach to the Construction Owners Association (COAA) and perhaps other construction owner associations

  • Consider a targeted outreach to minority and women owned businesses to gain diversity

 Restructure Dimensions of the Legislative and Advocacy Process

  • Engage members and committee towards driving the legislative program 
  • Increase millennial involvement
  • Raise additional PAC dollars

  • Communicate the activities and achievements of the committee 

 Continue the Current Approach to Chapter Finances

  • Continued efforts to increase non-dues revenue

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